Spooky cemetery has glowing tombstone

Some people tell spooky stories about Rankin's cemetery.
Some people tell spooky stories about Rankin’s cemetery.

By Nevaeh Watson

Rankin, Texas, is a small town where everybody knows everyone. However, some people have started to come to Rankin. Even the people who just moved here say that they knew people or had family here in Rankin.
Lately I have gone by the cemetery to visit loved ones. When I started to think more about the cemetery, I wanted to know more detailed information, so I had asked my parents about it.

My mother, Miriam Watson, who has lived in Rankin Texas since she was nine years old, said, “I like its location because it gives you privacy with your loved ones that you have lost.” The cemetery is located in the far south side of Rankin.

However, since her childhood, she has heard many different spooky stories about Rankin or somewhere in Rankin. My parents heard a story about the glowing tomb stone at the cemetery. They were told that you go to the cemetery, shine your vehicle lights at a certain tomb stone, then turn your lights off, and the tomb stone will start to glow.

My parents did not believe the story, so they thought they would go and give it a try. They thought they did not have anything to be worried about, but when they followed the instructions, it worked.
“I had never seen anything like it!” said my dad, Clarence Watson. They were not scared but shocked.

Apparently the cemetery seems very peaceful until the night comes.


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