Small town teenagers have always found ways to entertain themselves

railroad tracks

By Joseph Harris

In a small town like Rankin, teenagers sometimes get bored and find things to do that usually get them in trouble or get them hurt. For Example, according to my dad, Bill Harris, …

When he was young, my dad and his friend Roy Pippin were lifting a railroad track that was at least 100-150 lbs. My dad lifted it, but when he dropped it, he threw it forward and stepped back at the same time. Roy didn’t know to throw something ahead of you when you lift it and it’s heavy ,so he lifted it and then dropped it on his feet.

So Roy was dancing around holding his feet and then when he sat down trying to nurse his feet, he didn’t watch where he was about to sit and he sat in thorn bushes. Now he was nursing his feet and butt at the same time. Man, I can just imagine it.


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