Much changes in 40 years

A new restaurant, Sweet Nolas, recently opened, helping revitalize Main Street.
A new restaurant, Sweet Nolas, recently opened, helping revitalize Main Street.

By Cierra Watson

I have lived in Rankin my entire life and from just being here for almost 16 years, I myself have seen many changes. We used to have our “Town&Country” instead of what’s now Stripes. We also were as small as could be and just known as this big dust bowl. Now, we still are a big dust bowl, just more in it. We have newer looking homes being built, paved roads, updated football stadium, even a brand new school on the way!

My father, Clarence Watson, was born and raised in Rankin, America, as what we call it here. It all started for him in ’77. In 40 years, a lot can happen.

“A lot has changed from when I was in school [to] what you guys have now,” Mr. Watson expressed. “It’s getting so big now I can’t say I know everybody in Rankin anymore.”

He explained how different everything is, from the clothes to the technology.

“My basketball uniform was those really short shorts and socks all the way up to my knees. It is way different to the actual shorts you guys have,” Mr. Watson said. He even said how the style of basketball we play is different to the way we play now.

Mr. Watson also spoke about changes at the school. “You kids got lucky and can use computers and these fancy calculators to do your homework… I just made your mom do mine!

“It is crazy to even fathom the fact that the school I grew up in, is actually going away now. Hopefully this new school can measure up to how great it was growing up here in Rankin and in that High school,” he said.


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