Band and football used to mix

by Camryn Templeton

“Back then if you weren’t in the band you were nobody,” Bobbie Templeton said, “even the football players were in the band and most of the time they played with us at halftime!”

These events happened in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. At one football game against Grandfalls at Rankin Stadium, my father was running down field when he got knocked down from behind and hurt his ankle. The very next day there was a regional band competition in Odessa at the Ratliff Stadium. The band competed against Sanderson, Garden City, Wink, Grandfalls, and Buena Vista. The Wink, Grandfalls, and Rankin bands all got the okay to move on to the Area competition, where the bands all played in freezing weather.

The Rankin Band didn’t advance to State although some of the members thought they did better than the judges placed them. My father, Susan Titsworth, and Brady Kolb had the trio part for the trumpets, and my dad had to stand there on one foot and play while the crutch rested under one of his arms. He didn’t march along with the rest of the band.


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