Why are we the Red Devils?

By Allison Reid

From Purple and Gold Oilers to Red Dirt Devils and finally ending up with Maroon Rankin Red Devils, Rankin has gone through many mascot changes. There are many stories about how, when and why the mascot and the colors changed. However, the history always begins and ends the same.

At the very beginning of Rankin High School, the mascot was the Oilers, and the colors were purple and gold. There are even some artifacts at the Rankin Museum that have an Oilers logo on them. It is unknown when the mascot was changed, but that is when Rankin had a devil mascot.

How Rankin became the Devils is a mystery though. Some versions say the mascot was first the Red Dirt Devils since there are many dirt devils in the area and the soil is red. That may have even been where the “red” in Red Devils comes from. However, the Dirt Devil story ends, and RHS ended up becoming the Rankin Red Devils.

How the colors changed is also a cluster of different stories and theories. The colors were purple and gold, but it said that when the Great Depression hit that purple jerseys were too expensive, so they ordered maroon as a darker purple, and people liked it so it stuck.
Another version is that when the school ordered jerseys, they came back maroon and that it would have cost too much to send the jerseys back, so they used them and the color stuck. This story also goes with the Red Dirt Devil story. When they ordered red jerseys, they were too expensive and got maroon instead. Another theory is that there were too many red teams in the area so someone had to change, and there is even a rumor that RHS is maroon to distinguish from the actual Devil.

With the mascot being the Devil, this might bring some controversy. When Ms. Amy Marquez and some of the newer teachers were interveiwed, they thought that having a devil as a mascot was a little weird. “Coming into Rankin as a new set of eyes, it surprised me that it was okay to be cheering for the devil, but I have so much school spirit that after a few weeks, I was in the stands cheering and winning the spirit stick!” said Ms. Marquez.

Some of the older teachers and fauclty think that it’s perfectly normal for the mascot to be the Red Devil. “It’s just a mascot, and doesn’t bother me and shouldn’t greatly effect others or the opinion of the school. I mean if someones the Tigers, you don’t worship the Tigers, do you?” Mrs. Coach Tiffany Potts said.

“Being a Rankin Red Devil doesn’t bother me, but I can see why people look at us strange when we go to games.” Mrs. Carla Jackson stated.

After other teachers and faculty were interveiwed, there was a general conclusion that when new teachers, staff, and students come to town, it is a little strange to call yourself a Rankin Red Devil at first, but after a couple weeks of being a part of the Rankin community and student body, having a Red Devil as a mascot doesn’t bother most of the people and students at Rankin High School.


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